Campaign 125 Receives $1,000,000 Lead Gift!

Campaign 125, The Faithful Pursuit of Excellence, is Eastern Christian School’s upcoming capital campaign. This extensive project will provide significant capital improvements in three areas: Student Safety, Classroom Renovations, and Outdoor Athletic Facilities. Each of these areas are critical to the successful achievement of Eastern Christian School’s mission.

I am pleased to share that Campaign 125 has been enormously blessed with a lead gift of $1,000,000!

A project such as Campaign 125 requires significant up-front investment. Feasibility and engineering studies, surveys, and plan development all need to be completed. It wasn’t possible to begin a campaign before we made these investments. But that would require thousands of dollars.

When the three-pronged capital campaign was first proposed, it was exciting to think about all that could be accomplished. When the preliminary estimates began to come in it was a bit frightening. More than $4,000,000; the largest capital campaign (in adjusted dollars) the EC community had undertaken since the building of the high school in 1953! To tell you the truth, I was a bit intimidated.

Since I began working at the Foundation for Eastern Christian School, it seemed that God had been leading us to this campaign. So many things pointed us in this direction. Yet, I wondered: Can we really do this? I continued to ask God to show us His plan.

While I was still prayerfully considering these questions, Head of School Tom Dykhouse and I visited with prospective lead donors for the capital campaign. We sat down at their kitchen table and chatted over bagels and coffee. We shared the vision for the campaign and asked: Would you consider a lead gift in the amount of $1,000,000? Time seemed to stand still. The donors looked at one another, paused, and said: “Yes, we will step out in faith and make a promise that with God’s help we will support this campaign with a gift of $1,000.000.”

I can tell you that it was all I could do not to high five Tom and skip down the driveway back to my car! This wasn’t only an incredible lead gift. This was God affirming for us that we were following His plan. Affirming that He had revealed the direction we were to go and that in being obedient, He was going to bless this process.

More than a year after that meeting, the donors told me they had been talking before our meeting that day. The gift they were considering was far less than the gift they gave. In fact, they were quite surprised by a million dollar request. But God had spoken to them through that meeting. It wasn’t the words Tom and I spoke, but the Holy Spirit that convicted them of the need to honor God with this gift. Despite the fact that our request came at a very difficult time for their business they made the commitment freely and joyfully.

We serve a mighty God. A God who can do what seems impossible for people. (Mark 10:27). To Him alone be the glory and the honor for all that is accomplished with Campaign 125!

David Visbeen
Executive Director, Foundation for Eastern Christian School