Case Statement

In 1892, a group of parents opened a Christian school in the basement of a church.  One year later, in 1993 they opened their first school building.  In 1953, plans were drawn for the current Eastern Christian High School and students entered the building in 1955.  The Wyckoff Christian School was completed  in 1959.  The Midland Park Christian School followed in 1965.  Three campuses in 10 years.  This amazing feat was accomplished by a community who was willing to sacrifice to build for the future.  That, is our legacy!

Multiple generations and 125 years after that first group of parents started a Christian school, our mission hasn’t changed.  Eastern Christian School seeks excellence in all that we do.  Our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Athletic Pillars all speak to seeking and achieving excellence.  Spend time on any campus and you will see faculty and students that are striving for excellence.  

In 2015 we surveyed and interviewed a broad cross section of the Eastern Christian Community.  We asked:  Where should our next major capital investment be made?  The community response was overwhelmingly focused on three areas:  Student Safety, Classroom Renovations, and Outdoor Athletic Facilities.  

The message was clear and Eastern Christian’s leadership was listening.  While we had made significant progress in the areas of student safety and classroom renovations there was still much to be done. Regarding outdoor athletic facilities, we had “dropped the ball”.  It was clear that we have much to do in these three areas that are each critical to the successful achievement of our mission.

We are called to excellence and Campaign 125 is the faithful pursuit of excellence.

CAMPAIGN 125: The Faithful Pursuit of Excellence

  • Student Safety
    • We take the safety and well being of Eastern Christian School students very seriously.
    • We have made past progress improving Student Safety on all three campuses.
    • Detailed assessments have shown us where we need improvement.
    • Campaign 125 provides a significant investment in student safety:
      • New access control on all three campuses.
      • Communications upgrades.
      • CCTV.
  • Classroom Renovations
    • The means of engaging today’s students have changed dramatically.
    • We need modern classrooms to reflect this change.
    • The entire Elementary School received renovations in 2013.
    • High School and Middle School hallways and classrooms began receiving upgrades in 2014.
    • Campaign 125 will complete our classroom renovations:
      • 25 classrooms in the high school and middle school will receive renovations.
      • Every learning space on all three campuses will be air conditioned.
      • Audio/visual technology upgrades will ensure that classrooms are prepared for 21st Century learners.
  • Athletics
    • Our girls and boys soccer programs play on and undersized field that overlays a baseball diamond and is poorly drained.  We have cancelled games and even lost students, due to the conditions of our soccer field.
    • Our state championship track team practices sprints and hurdles on asphalt.  A clear recipe for injury.
    • Our girls and boys lacrosse teams have no home field.
    • We are unable to host our own Community Nights.
    • Campaign 125 will address each of these deficiencies:
      • Construction of a regulation size natural turf soccer and lacrosse field.
      • An 8 lane regulation track.
      • Designated areas for javelin, discus, pole vault, high jump, and long jump.

Enrollment has been on the rise for the past three years and that trend is projected to continue into 2017-2018.  Our academic programs are expanding with STEAM, Project Acceleration, and the Extended Learning Program.  We are nearing our mission goals in academics, the arts, and spiritual development.  We inspire our students to strive for excellence and NOW, it is time to provide them with the facilities (in the classroom and on the athletic field) to achieve excellence.

Thanks to the generations that came before us, we have an incredible heritage; with your help, and the Lord’s blessing, we can have an amazing future!

The time for Campaign 125 is NOW!